Author Cari Silverwood talks Zombies and Lust Plague – Guest Post

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Cari Silverwood, known for her sexy Iron Dominance is back again with the latest installment of the Steamwork Chronicles, Lust Plague.  I’ll just get out the way while she talks Zombies, BDSM and everything in between.


I have zombies in my latest release, Lust Plague. Why write zombies into a romance?

Is it so I can have them do kissy kissy and similar naughty things? Eww. No! It has been pointed out to me – and quite sensible this objection is – that zombies have rotten bits and pieces, and the odds of something falling off during coitus or whatever is gi-freaking-normous. Even ear nibbling has dangers, and love biting a zombie is likely to be fattening as you might have to swallow. Blow jobs – double ewk!

Is it because they add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi?’ As in an, ‘I don’t know?’ For sure, just as sure as I’m going to google that French saying back there for the right spelling before I post this. Zombies aren’t what most would call pretty, but being able to write in the scary details of a zombie who’s chewed off his own lips gives me a writerly conniption that borders on being an orgasm. I love me some gory descriptions.

What else? Why zombies? Umm, I think because I liked letting Sten and Kaysana pop some of them clean in the center of the forehead in a great action movie way, without having to worry too much about angst-ridden sadness going round and round in my people’s heads afterwards. How often do you need an ‘OMG I just killed a poor zombie’ before it gets old?

Gun barrel pointing the way, she turned, scanning the flat roof. Four dead male zombies sprawled near the wrecked gyrocopter. At one corner, a five-yard-high metal-braced tower had a weather cock spinning atop. Storage bins, not much else. Where was Emily?

“Go slow, Sten. Some might be only half-downed.” She hefted the revolver, ready to pop one into anything that moved, that shouldn’t.

“Sure.” Heel, toe, heel, toe, he worked his way past the four zombie corpses. None stirred. “Brains are gone. They’re good and expired.”

I mean, get over it already. It was dead anyway. You just made it deader, or something. Sure I had them be a teensy bit sad at the former human in the zombie, then I let them both kill some more. Seriously though, if you put death in a romance it is difficult to get the two lead characters thinking about hanky panky. I hedged my bets even more with the lust plague of course.

She opened her mouth to speak, paused, caught up in trying to figure out their agreement. “Hell, Sten. We have a world to save, and you want me dressed up like a cat?”

“A big, lickable pussy cat, yes.” His voice was hoarse. His eyes gleamed with lust. “Obey, remember?” He tossed the clothes onto the counter. “You can’t do this every time I come up with a new twist you don’t like.”

“Sten, this is just one of those sexual urges. Block it out. You can’t be making up new –”

Without giving her time to react, he pulled her to him, then picked her up around the waist.

Ahem. Yes, they did get naughty despite the world going down the drain, but I made sure it was fun!

My light-hearted take on this may make you think Lust Plague is a comedy. It’s not, it’s very erotic in a BDSM-ish way, as well as romantic, angsty, and stomp-alicious in action, though Sten does have his moments with his dry humor. I loved my Sten. His laidback way of looking at life kicked things up a notch here and there as well as annoying the hell out of Kaysana.

Sten followed along behind Kaysana — the view was better.

Her curvaceous backside swayed before him beneath his own shirt. Damn, that was sexy, especially remembering how she’d moaned under his mouth. What a hard-on that had given him.

Kissing, hah, he’d not been sure she’d go with that logic.

A few hundred yards of walking and they emerged from under the tree line into the night sky. Only stars above. No burning airships despite the faint smell of smoke. He felt relief. So many odd things had happened.

“Don’t suppose you want to give me a weapon, Sten?”


“We’ll be meeting zombies. I promise not to shoot you.”

“I’ll consider it.” She expected a weapon? Heaven and hell. He wasn’t that nuts. Maybe when indignation wasn’t coming off her in waves every time she looked at him.

If you get around to reading Lust Plague I hope you find as much joy in watching the two of them save the world while falling in love as I did in writing them do it. Happy reading!



Saving the world should be easier.

When airship captain Kaysana meets Sten, the last thing she wants to do is have mad rough sex with him while bound by ropes and clamps but fate pencils in their appointment. The lust plague strikes. From her infected crew, zombies arise.

With her ship gone, she must rely on Sten, a human clone, a man who has fought all his life to master himself. She despises his kind and detests Sten’s growing hold on her. Though he never takes no for an answer, surely it’s the plague that makes yes slip from her tongue like melted butter? Or should she blame her own traitorous heart?

Hordes of slavering zombies await them. Sten and Kaysana unlimber weapons, don goggles, and set a course for the origin of the plague. Yet their victory will be hollow if they cannot also solve the puzzle of their hearts.


“Stay still,” Sten said quietly, firmly, then put his hand to her bare back and felt her jerk at the press of skin to skin. The transformation made his dick quiver as always, and damn, he was already hard. The way Kaysana’s face changed fascinated him. It was like watching a flower unfurl. The hardness, the wariness, drained away. Instead she looked at him with adoration and acceptance in those toffee brown eyes.

Yet after a few seconds, he saw awareness return. This is new. She’s resisting this thing that affects us. He didn’t bother trying to resist anymore. He wanted her, knew he would’ve anyway. This just made it easier. The Zen let him see the truth. Having Kaysana kneel at his feet — this was his fantasy, want, need…whatever. Having her want him back sent his libido soaring into the stratosphere. Done deal.

The intriguing thing was watching her wriggle to get out of it. To deny her needs.

“Come.” He tugged, then towed her to the front of the rooftop by the leash wrapped in his hand.

“Sit here. Stop trying to push me away. You’re right. Last time I touched you, those zombies zeroed in on us like flies to…” Blood.

Keep your shit focused. Zone them out. Zen, man, Zen. Took him a few hard seconds, but he managed. He had to. Their lives depended on this working. The difficult bit was keeping her in a mental space where she forgot.

At the touch of his hand on her shoulder, she sighed. Quivering with need already? Her smart, thinking side was clearly miles away. He spread his fingers on her warm skin and smiled.

If not for the effects of the plague, this would never have worked. The zombies waiting below to rip them apart weren’t exactly love potion ingredients.

Sten pressed his palm on her nape, made her kneel, turned the leash around his fist until his knuckles brushed the angle of her throat and jaw. He bent down, staring at her. Her gaze went all gooey, her pupils dilating, gorgeous — if he could’ve bottled that, he would’ve.

“Let’s kiss,” he murmured.

The feel of her soft lips under his near unhinged him. Their hot breaths mingled as he explored her mouth. At first passive, then she struggled a little and tried to pull away. With his hands at her neck and throat, he held her to him. “No,” he whispered, licking the corner of her mouth. “You’re not going anywhere. I’ve got you.”

Then he crushed her resistance, shoving his tongue between her lips, taking over her mouth with his while he slid his fingers into her hair. He turned his hand to screw those fingers into the roots, wrapping hair about each finger — harder, tighter. When she gasped and her mouth fell open, he knew he had her. He kept at her. Not until she moaned uncontrollably into his mouth did he let up and slowly lift away.

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LvZ Presents: Ginny’s Capture by Ellie Heller

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I’m so excited for Ellie as this is her debut novel for the Lesbian vs. Zombies series.



Two years ago, Deidra Montague royally screwed up with Guinevere. Now, Dee secretly works for the fae council, breaking up potential zombie swarms, while Ginny—a mortal—attends grad school, preparing for a career helping survivors of zombie attacks.

Even apart, Dee still watches over Ginny. How could she not, after learning that the woman she betrayed has been blessed as her mate?

Now, students from Ginny’s school are dropping out in alarming numbers and turning up infected with the zombie virus. When Dee finds out, she decides it’s time to extract her mate from the mounting peril. Only she arrives to find Ginny in the thick of things, trying to solve the problem herself. Just like old times.

With drugged-up zombies everywhere, casket sales on the rise, and saccharine bubblegum pop music constantly playing in the background, Dee decides it’s time to lay her heart on the line. Because she’s the only one who’s going to capture Ginny.

When you’re fae and your ordained mate is a former mortal lover, rescuing her from zombies is the easy part . . . .


Deidra silently ran up the concrete stairs in the rear of the library. Last time she’d been on a university campus, the story behind the zombie virus had just broken and anti-military sentiment ran high. After a hellish day fending off protestors and the media instead of recruiting for ROTC, she’d sworn up and down she’d not set foot on campus again. But that was before students at this school—Ginny’s school—began dropping out to become zombies, voluntarily. She’d had no choice but to go back on her word.

Her old army buddies would have ribbed her mercilessly. Good thing she now worked for the fae council instead.

Regardless of the ribbing, Dee would have come. Guinevere took her MSW courses here. She lived on campus, in one of the dorms, for who knows what reason. With the school a powder keg waiting to blow, naturally Ginny stood right in the middle.

Deidra couldn’t sit by and watch the explosion. She needed to get Ginny out of there.

Huey, a hulking Viking of a man with a Were’s leadership tattoos on his temples, waited on the landing. Four of his packmates flanked him.

“You want me to go ahead and secure the area?” he asked.

Deidra nodded. “Stay out of sight of our target. I’ll disable the floor’s sound system, then join you.”

Unlike some of the fae and fully turned zombies, she could survive the subsonic waves piped along with the music. She didn’t want the constant distraction, though, not tonight. In the service stairs, she quickly located the recently added wires and cut them. The students here were lucky the school could afford to rewire the building and install the special speakers. State schools did not fare so well.

The insistent buzz across her bones ceased.

Huey stuck his head out the door. “We’re set. Just a heads up: she has company.”


“Some leggy blonde who looks like the suburban idea of a rock whore.”

Crap, the description fit Lilah Dantowitz to a tee. Deidra needed to get Guinevere away from her before the shit hit the fan. Behind Huey, the sound of the women’s voices drifted.

“Make sure you detail someone to fix the wires when we leave,” she whispered, before heading into the maze of bookshelves.

She followed the chatter, halting the moment Guinevere’s voice became clear. The soft alto brought back too many memories. A shiver of desire raced through Deidra, leaving her flushed.

“I have a bunch of stuff I need to get done so I can spend tomorrow with you. Why don’t you text me the time? I promise I’ll be there,” Ginny said. “Besides, I see Brad on his way, and I’m pretty sure he’s going to want your attention for the rest of the night.”

What was Ginny getting into? Deidra took a deep breath, her heart racing. Then she took another. Faint but distinct, the fetid odor of a zombie permeated the air. She moved closer, to get a good view and a better scent.

The blonde bimbo sauntered away, tucked under the arm of a brute. The rotting-flesh smell emanated from one of them, and she’d bet that meant Lilah. She had to be close to fully turned to smell like death, but she didn’t look it, and none of the reports or videos had shown her acting like it.

Papa Dantowitz could afford drugs strong enough to keep his daughter “normal,” even at this stage.

In spite of all their surveillance of the Dantowitz crime family, she’d seen nothing to indicate one of the children was infected. Having a family member with the virus was an interesting development, especially if the family actually was recruiting students.

Guinevere shut her laptop, then slid the slim rectangle into her bag. Ready to leave? That wouldn’t do at all.

Deidra settled herself atop a desk out of Guinevere’s sightline and away from the rancid smell.
“Still hanging out with young’uns, I see.”

Guinevere froze in place. Then, slowly, she turned her face to Deidra. Those eyes, those impossibly cornflower blue eyes, gave her a thorough once over. “I’ve kept worse company.”

Deidra tried in vain to stop the blush heating her cheeks. Seeing Guinevere redden as well didn’t help her feel any less pricked by the jab. The Goddess had given her a hard task, to repair the breach between them. She bit her tongue to keep from saying anything, knowing Guinevere’s Southern charm would impel her to fill the silence.

But Deidra caved first. She heard herself say, “Ilona explained to me what you were doing.”

Shit, she hadn’t meant to blurt that out.

Guinevere closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “As I recall, I did too.”

“You certainly tried, but I wasn’t listening.” Stupid, stupid to bring this up now. Her group likely hung on every word.

Guinevere lifted her head and glared at Deidra. “And whose fault was that?”


They held each other’s gaze, but Guinevere didn’t respond.

Deidra knew this wasn’t the time to explain herself. She looked away first. “I didn’t come here for that. Well, I did, but there are more pressing reasons.”

“Which are?”

“We have had a security breach, and your father’s unit has been targeted. Zombies are being used en masse to break into homes and kidnap families.”

With an oddly pensive look, Guinevere flipped her blond hair out of the way before sliding on her backpack. “How long do I have?”

“Give me a couple of days, and I’ll text you the time and location.” Deidra gave her a hard look.
“Don’t do anything foolish this weekend. Stay on campus until we can extract you.”

Guinevere raised her eyebrows. “Do I do foolish things?”

“All the damn time,” Deidra said, with an exasperated sigh. “Will you stay on campus?”

Guinevere nodded.

Deidra lifted her wrist to her face, still keeping an eye on Guinevere. Entirely for show, as the Weres could hear every word, she pressed a button on her large wristband. “Amazon Two, we’re out of here.”

“Congrats on the group,” Guinevere said.

Surprising. Oh, wait, she didn’t know what kind of group Deidra ran, just that she was giving orders.

“Thank you,” Deidra replied, and then, because she couldn’t help it. “This group’s okay, but I’ve had better.”

The surprise in Guinevere’s eyes counterbalanced the snort of a Were behind her. Good thing Guinevere couldn’t hear the muffled laugh. Time to go. Stepping back, Deidra ducked behind the nearest set of shelves and then hurried to the rear stairs. On the way, she pulled out her phone and typed in the text message that would carry the spy program for Ginny’s cell.

You’re looking great.” Definitely the truth. Two years of grad school had been good to Guinevere. No longer on the thin side of lean and with her glorious blonde hair down past her shoulders, Guinevere looked content. Unfortunately, her contentment was about to be shot. Deidra couldn’t keep her safe here anymore. She needed to get Ginny off campus.

Not to mention being without her mate led Dee to make poor decisions. Not safe for herself, much less for the men she now commanded.

“So that’s her,” Huey commented.

“Yep. Hands off,” Deidra said, flinching as they hit the stairs and the humming music resumed. “The tall, leggy one you can have.”

The Weres made various retching sounds. They’d smelled the decay caused by the zombie virus too. They staggered out the rear door of the building, holding their noses and throats and bellies.
Laughing, she shushed them, not wanting their group to draw attention in the frozen tundra of the parking lot.

Once everyone had settled in the van, with Huey at the wheel, one of the Weres grinned toothily at her. “Next time, boss, remember we like them when they don’t smell like maggot-food.”

“And we like them stacked.”

“Nah, more than a handful is a waste. Me, I like a nice, round ass.”

Traveling across town, Deidra listened to their increasingly ribald qualifications, wondering if she’d become one of the boys or if they were simply testing her limits. Finally, her phone vibrated, letting her know Guinevere’s recent messages had downloaded. She checked them over, carefully shielding the light to protect the Weres’ night vision.

“Guys.” Her sharp voice stilled the discussion on how to tell if a woman might give good head. “We need to go over and stake out Smithbrook Coffin Company.”

She looked over the group, their faces now serious; these days, caskets and zombies went hand in hand. “Looks like the Dantowitz kid and Ginny will be heading over there in the morning. I want to check it out before they arrive.”

A series of grunts acknowledged they understood.

“Food first?” one of the recruits asked, as they pulled into the Were-owned strip mall where they’d left their cars.

Goddess save her from young Weres and their grocery bills. “Food first. We’ll need to pick up extra munitions as well. Plan to meet back here at oh-two-hundred hours.”

Huey turned off the engine and cracked open a window. They all took a deep sniff of the freezing air from the early March night. No zombie stench—they were clear. The Weres exited the side doors en masse before scattering to their rides.

“You heading back with me? Ezzy would love to see you,” Huey offered.

Ah, she didn’t think so. Given the pheromones he shot off right now, he’d prefer to be alone with his wife. “No, thanks, I need to make a report and get some specialized weapons. Tell Ezzy I’ll catch up with her later.”

As soon as she closed the door, the van took off. She ran to her car and headed out too. She had just enough time to get to her private stash of weapons and back before they were to meet up again.

By then, hopefully, she’d have figured out how to convince Guinevere she was sorry and that they should be together. Forever. The Goddess clearly didn’t believe in easy paths.


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