God of Justice – Overall Review

I like superhero stories. I like the idea of having super powers and amazing abilities to mete out justice, to right the wrongs of evil everywhere and just having the strength of character to do so. As such, I found this anthology to be an amazing read. Now mind you, there were a couple of stories that didn’t quite do it for me but for the most part, I would greatly recommend this anthology. I give it an overall 5 stars and a Recommended Read!
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The Death and Life of The Hero by Ricardo Sanchez

Death and Life of The Hero by Ricardo Sanchez – GOJ Anthology

Decades ago, The Hero gave his life while protecting The City. Now reporter Laura Halsey thinks she’s discovered what really happened. But revealing the truth may cause more harm than good.

The Hero supposedly died during a rescue attempt in a burning building. There were some that refused to believe so. Laura Halsey is determined to discover the truth. She meets up with a crabby old man by the name of Weller and wants to go over the events of that tragic day. Weller is a hard nut to crack. He makes it obvious that he doesn’t want any part of Laura and her questions. Little by little the story is unfolded and both Laura and Weller come to realize how they are connected.

After the first paragraph, I figured out who The Hero was and I’m sure others will hip to it that quickly as well. It was the telling of this story that made the ending such a sweet surprise. I really like how this story was written. Having watched enough DC and Marvel Comic movies, you are instantly transported into the world of The Hero.

The Hero is the epitome of what his name means. There’s no hidden agenda, no character flaws, nothing of that nature. This is a man that is doing what he loves to do and that’s to help people. He is a believer of the goodness of man and holds himself to that standard. His influence shaped a certain little girl who refused to let his story die.

Well-written with a serious superhero angle, this short story brings the Gods of Justice Anthology to a very satisfying end.

5 Stars