Author Stacey Espino – Guest Post

Author Stacey Espino

Okay, this lady right here is on fire. Every time I turn around, she’s got a book or better yet, books, coming out. I was scrolling through her website and shaking my head, unable to comprehend how quickly she writes. I do know this, however, Stacey writes ’em HOT and SPICY 🙂  I’ve been following her on Twitter for quite a while now and have been waiting her to come by for a visit. Oh and she’s one of my homegirls, hailing from Ontario as well and its always a treat to feature homegrown talent 🙂

Welcome Stacey!

Thank you for having my on your blog, Ren!

I’m really excited about 2012. I have so many projects on the go and new ones on the backburner. My Ride ’em Hard series will continue this year with #4 coming January 23rd (Her Cowboy Triple Team) and #5 coming on March 5th (Midlife Menage).

I’ve also dared to try a LoveXtreme series. The first in my Wolves of Climax series will be out February 20th (Surrounded by Wolves) and March 19th (Garret’s Domination). I’m working on a contemporary menage series now. The first is with yummy firefighters. I also have a Naughty Fairy Tale coming out soon featuring an erotic twist on the three bears story.

Writing has been a part of my life since I was little. It was always easier for me to express myself through the written word. It’s been less than two years since I’ve been professionally published and it’s been a wild ride. I wouldn’t change anything, and I’ve learned so much. I’ve met countless friends who are authors and readers, all making my world a better place.

I also write m/m romance as Winona Wilder. When I first started writing m/m romance, it took over my world. I loved the complexity of emotion, and it was a change from my Stacey books.  I started with cowboy romance series, which I’m comfortable writing. My first paranormal m/m (Alpha Mate) was a blast to write and I’m working on book #2 now. I created a penname so readers wouldn’t be confused when buying one of my books. Stacey will only be m/f or m/f/m with no m/m elements. Winona only writes m/m.

Again, thank you for having me. You’re always an encouragement!

– You are very welcome, my dear  🙂

Here’s a taste of the work that Stacey delivers…check them out


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Angel Garner is a young, spoiled cowgirl used to getting her own way. When Clay Roberts wins the stallion she covets at an auction, she’s determined to make him sell the horse back. The only problem is the cowboy has no plans of humoring her.

Landon Wilder has had a crush on his friend’s sister since before he can remember. He tries to help her get back her horse, but soon learns a trick or two from the man she claims to hate. Their sexual games soon inspire real emotion, complicating their ménage a trois. For them to have a lasting future together, it’ll take two determined cowboys to properly break the stubborn, blonde filly.

****Click here for excerpt of Hogtying the Cowgirl****

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Delia is the last princess. Since her sisters have chosen mates, it’s up to her to continue to wage war against the royal family. She recruits the help of Caleb, a fox shifter, to help find her way to the home she escaped from long ago.

A childhood friend is now guarding the palace, and the male she’s betrothed to is determined to have her. She’s in for the fight of her life if she’s to remain unmated and change the old customs passed down to every generation. Will Delia become a martyr for her cause, or give in to the love of three determined shifters?

****Click here for excerpt of The Last Princess****


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Nathan is forced to flee to the northern forests to escape the urban development. When he stumbles across wolf shifter territory, the young fox is forced into hiding. The wolves prowling the forest would want nothing better than to exterminate him and his family. His entire life is a struggle, being the lowest regarded race amongst shifters.

Jacob is a proud member of the Marcelle Wolf Pack. Their main goal is to protect and expand their rule over the forests. No mercy. No weakness. When he discovers the sexy blond he fell for at the local bar is actually a fox, his world tilts off its axis. Nathan brings out his protective instincts, and for once he can see a future beyond his duty to the pack.

But Jacob’s alpha condemns their mixed race mating, forcing them apart. Will Jacob choose love or loyalty to his pack?

****Click here for excerpt of Alpha Mate****

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Tyler James is a pro at keeping his emotions bottled up. He uses sex as a tool, never associating it with love. When Cavendish sends one of their representatives to try and recruit him to be their poster boy, he’s ready to tell them where they can shove their offer. But the dark-haired god in the Armani suit has him choking on his words.

Marcus Vinetti fights tooth and nail not to be sent to the boondocks to recruit some hick. He’s surprised when he meets his cowboy target who has muscle upon muscle and gorgeous green eyes. Although he’s usually good at masking his deviant desires, Tyler brings all his needs and wants to the surface.

Will Tyler be able to change his long-standing playboy ways, and will Marcus finally accept that he’s in love with another man?

****Click here for excerpt of Loving Tyler****






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Author Dicey Grenor – Guest Post

Author Dicey Grenor

When I first started with my blog on WordPress, Dicey was one of the first people to stop by my blog to offer wonderful comments and encouragement. I started digging around and realized that she is also an author. I stalked her on Twitter and finally asked if she would be a guest. Thankfully, she agreed 🙂

Dicey Grenor’s novel, Sleepy Willow’s Bonded Soul, is the featured book of the day.

**Warning: This stuff is ultra sizzling!**


Ever since vampirism became illegal, the undead have been hunted to near-extinction. So Willow has to watch her back to make sure no one finds out what she is. And that’s not easy considering she’s a vampire with narcolepsy. Predator can become prey at any moment, especially with the skillful Vampire Extermination Team (VET) on the job.

Hoping to blend in with the nightlife, Willow takes advantage of being an animated corpse by performing for necrophiliacs at premiere fetish club Hades. Here, she discovers colleagues with other supernatural secrets. She’s also unexpectedly drawn to Remi, her most loyal fan, despite his deviant sexual nature and personality disorder. But succumbing to her lust is not a good idea, especially since her maistre vampire forbids it.

Now Willow has to outsmart VET agents, escape bounty hunters, and find a cure for narcolepsy…or vampirism. And she’s got to break the bond with her maistre, no matter how powerful and unrelenting he is.

Most importantly, can she stay awake long enough to do any of it?

Do you want more? Check out Sleepy Willow below:

Meet Sleepy Willow

Having narcolepsy was a real bitch. A real pain in my luscious caramel ass. When my sleep disorder attacked without warning, it was inconvenient as hell when I was human. Downright fatal now that I was a vampire.

I should have been hella-powerful. Only sunlight, garlic, holy water, and silver should have been crippling. Of course fire, decapitation, and stakes were nemeses as well. But damn. Falling asleep at any moment when you were supposed to be the predator was laughable at best. Heinous, at worst. The kind of stuff REAL horror stories were made of. Especially since vampirism was illegal. And the fucking Vampire Extermination Team took their job of executing bloodsuckers seriously. Like it was their calling in life.

I had wanted to turn because I thought it would cure me. Vampires didn’t get human illnesses, after all. I’d been wrong though, and it was waaay too late to worry about that now.

Had to play the hand I’d been dealt.

Thankfully, there were a few things I looked forward to. Like performing onstage for my necrophilia clientele at premiere fetish club Hades. Like meeting other colleagues with deadly secrets. Like what I looked forward to the most—fucking my biggest fan, Remi, every chance I got. And drinking his blood. Never mind that I nearly killed him each time. He loved being on the brink of death so much, he welcomed it.

Oh, yeah. Drinking his blood and fucking him were the highlights of my existence.

He was certifiably insane all right, but fine as hell. Long black curly hair, which hung over his mesmerizing metallic blue eyes. Olive skin. Tall. Lean-muscled. Big fat dick that he knew how to use well. Made me horny just thinking about it. Then again, with my hypersexual nature, it didn’t take much. But still. He was gorgeous, and though I could fuck anybody, his looks were a perk. Didn’t hurt that I thought I loved him either. Him and Aaron, one of Remi’s many faces. Or vice versa.

Speaking of being fucked…

Maximilian, my maistre vampire was on his way. To my mind. He was still in a another country, but he didn’t have to be here in the flesh to control me. To coerce me in to doing whatever he commanded. He was my husband by vampire rules, the one who sired me. He possessed my heart and soul. And there was nothing I could do about it. We had a metaphysical connection stronger than any marriage. His blood and power animated me. Kept me undead. Bonded me to his narcissistic blond ass, no matter how badly I wanted my freedom. And boy, did I want my freedom.

Good thing he wasn’t bad in bed either.

Too bad God sanctioned murder. ’Cause if he didn’t, Max was a dead man. As soon as I figured out how to break our bond and keep from dying along with him.

~Sleepy Willow

If that’s not enough to convince you to grab her book then you can pop on over to her website to read the first chapter of Sleepy Willow’s Bonded Soul: The Narcoleptic Vampire Series Volume 1 here.

Girlfriend even has a video for you to check out. To meet all the characters, watch this YouTube video.

To read what happens to Sleepy Willow and the gang, download to Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Smashwords, or Apple  iTunes. Paperbacks are available as well on Amazon and through CreateSpace.

**For mature audiences only**

Connect with Dicey:!/DiceyGrenor